Once upon a time, I received two writing jobs. One was to rewrite a CV, and the other was to write a proposal for a new business idea. The two jobs combined would have fetched me many thousands of naira seeing that I charge per word for my writing services. I pondered on these jobs quickly and realised that the clients had not done their due diligence. Accepting these jobs meant valuable time I needed to do other value-adding, and profitable jobs would have been wasted.

Immediately as an experienced customer service person, I guided them and referred them to other sources. One will say “but you just lost jobs”. No, I did not lose jobs or clients; instead, I gained them. I referred to the ‘proposal client’ to a business process to get him to answer questions and do in-depth thinking about his business idea before taking the step of writing a proposal intended to attract investors. In contrast, ‘the CV client’, I gave a CV format to follow, after which we can discuss again. Both clients were grateful and thanked me immensely.

Most of us accept jobs that choke us and makes us foolish, thereby wearing out everyone involved because we think we are desperately in need of money. Learn to spend your time wisely; it is the most crucial investment tool you have, especially if you are a small business.

Myles Munroe once said something, “what you are and what you become is a function of how you use your time”. Remember, the billionaire and the beggar have the same time, don’t accept labour that will weary you and make you foolish. (Ecclesiastes 10:15a). Stay away from distractions which can come as jobs that are not directly in line with your purpose.

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