Creativity & Professionalism

At El-Jarette, we strive to provide the best services at all times giving our clients a reason to always come back.

Though we are based in Lagos, Nigeria, we will use technology and if necessary come to where you are to give your business or personal pursuit a voice through our compelling written content that converts leads into customers, putting you on a pedestal.

When you have a difficult report, article, story or topic to write, HIRE us. You can be assured of full confidentiality, high quality and writers with years of professional experience. Our writing services cover

  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Reports
  • Product Description
  • Presentation & Speech
  • Scriptwriting: TV, Stage
  • Literary Works: E-book, Books, Novels, Short stories, Memoirs, Articles, Biographies
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting

We offer the following support for our writing services.

  • Error-free writing
  • Revisions on all work
  • Full confidentiality
  • Affordable service
  • 24/7 online ordering and customer support

Creativity merged with Professionalism

  • We provide Learnings to our clients through Arts (Drama, singing, miming, mimicking, role-plays, dancing, Choreography)
  • Book Reading and Application
  • Round Table Dialogue (Training for Corporates)

BookStore for All

We sell other books and office stationeries.

Improve your knowledge with books from our bookstore. Place an order today.


  • Motivational
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Memoirs
  • Biographies
  • History
  • Politics


  • Premium Toners and Inks

Every writer is different. We each have our talents, capabilities, styles and specialities. But for our Individual and Business clients, you want to be sure about who you work with, what better way to evaluate than to browse through some of our works?

Trusted To Deliver

You can always count on us to deliver at all times.