In the words of my good friend Kayode Adekanye “Linda, I’m always thinking and marvelling at your guts and tenacity to reinvent yourself and forge new dreams from the ashes of tribulation. I have not forgotten you, not now, not ever”. As you read this piece, you may ask, what tribulation is she rising from? What matters is that I escaped with my vision of becoming a writer. I didn’t let that get stolen away with whatever tribulations I might be rising from. This piece is not about my trials. My concern is for those who have lost their vision, goals, or purpose to find them again. To get those feeling discouraged or are probably misguided to take that bold step today and go for what they want.

My business entails writing services and training services for small businesses. As a result, I’m opportune to meet with young and middle-aged people almost daily. My interaction with them reveals a lot and often make me recommend reading as a habit they should develop as one way to improve their thought processes and communication. Most often, the ones that are bold enough would reiterate back in vernacular “na book we go chop?” The ones who aren’t that bold would give me the eye in the most horrendous way. They go as far as to point me in the direction of social media, implying that those who throw the rock first, break the social norm and if ten or twenty more people throw that rock then it becomes an acceptable norm, so why in the world should they read? They are looking for the popular way, one that is convenient to follow and does not place a demand on them, yet they have tremendous size dreams.

There is no one size fits all solution. Relationships are unique, and funding will always be an essential part of any business. Without it, your appetite for risk will be reduced, and the tendency for short cuts is often high. It cripples innovation or innovative thinking. But how then do you intend to attract funding for that business idea? How do you want others to buy into your vision or goal if you cannot communicate it? Some people fail to realise that business or career success depends upon how well you can converse and how well you understand what to communicate. Investors don’t buy emotions; they buy into well-expressed ideas that will make them a fortune.

It makes me ponder and laugh when I see some of these young people mostly try to gain leverage or get ahead by painting a portrait of suffering and the stress of living on the streets. They are loose in their association and keep company with those who are going nowhere and yet they want success. There is nothing wrong with wanting success, but it is essential to know that there is nothing convenient about success either. The fact that reading is an old pathway does not discredit its validity neither does the attraction of a new road guarantee that it leads to a new destination.

As a writer, I have a big vision, one that I’m working conscientiously daily to ensure I achieve. I face challenges every day as I strive to reach my goal. Some of these I cannot even share for fear that you may think I’m writing fiction, but these things are real. I started by making peace with the fact that I had much learning to do because nothing can take the place of practice and experience. Furthermore, I read a lot, take advantage of learning opportunities through seminars, workshops, online courses and such tools as are available to refine that gift in me. These things have helped me overcome several conceivable obstacles on my way and have allowed me to pierce the veil of those whom I thought were impossible to reach. What veil must you pierce today?