Some years ago, while back at secondary school, I had the privilege of knowing two beautiful daughters of the renowned Wale Adenuga. If you have heard of Ikebe super, Papa Ajasco, Super story; then you probably know whom. It was a boarding school, and things could become boring quickly. However, these two girls receive copies of their father’s publication regularly, and the queue to read these magazines was endless. Being that I wasn’t that close, you could imagine my position on the line. When it eventually gets to my turn to read, which could take days and weeks to happen, the magazine would be in tatters.

Frustrated from how long it often took us to read the magazine, one day, I and my friend who is also creatively inclined, came up with the idea to start writing our own stories. We did take out a new notebook and write our stories and do some drawing in it. The summary of it, we also had people queueing to read our storybook. I have lost contact with her for a while, but the last time I heard about her, she was in France doing something in the creative art industry. She didn’t fall away from the creative path just as I have found myself writing creatively.

More often than not, after you learn a skill or take a self-development course, you are advised to network, network, and network. You have to knock on doors, be careful, be humble and all the long list of philosophies that men have created as the path to success. Most people in the creative industry would understand this and probably other professions; associations, events, workshops and many more. But the question is, what if networking fails? What do you do then?


Knocking on doors is not a crime neither is networking, but I’m of the notion that you don’t need to know anyone to scale the utmost height in life and there are many living examples of this. As someone who wants to create value and be valued, you are fully aware that if there is no seed time, there will be no harvest time. Put aside all the knocking on doors and networking. Focus first on your craft until it announces you enough to build your door. After creating your door, remember the tools of diligence, virtue, constant knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. Why? To keep your door swinging and enable you to build more doors.